We currently offer one service at 5:00 pm on Sundays.

Our Service

Our services last about 75 minutes and are structured around a liturgy (or a pattern of elements) that helps us remember and act out the Gospel each week. These elements include a balance of song, prayer, scripture, preaching, and Communion.  Most of our liturgy is borrowed from the Book of Common Prayer.

Feel free to come early or stay late if you attend the service. This is a great way to get connected! Please feel free to wear what's most comfortable for you.

Our Approach

If you visit us on Sundays for corporate worship, you will experience a “three stream” approach to worship. We believe this approach cultivates humility, diversity, faithfulness, and a space where we can be formed by God to increasingly resemble Jesus.

The Evangelical Stream

When we say that we are “evangelical” we mean that we take seriously God’s command to speak about and live like Jesus. We preach and teach from the Bible because we believe it is the inspired word of God, and our desire is for all people to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus.

The Charismatic Stream

When we say that we are “charismatic” we mean that we believe God is present and active among His people. We anticipate the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church for the conviction of sin, the illumination of truth, and the renewal of all things.

The Liturgical Stream

When we say that we are “liturgical” we mean that we value the longevity of historic tradition, the rhythms of the church calendar, the consistency of a lectionary-based teaching plan, and our connection to the global Church.


We currently gather every Sunday evening at Grace United Church of Christ located in Downtown Frederick, Maryland.  

You can find the address below.

25 E. 2nd St. Frederick, MD 21702



There are plenty of options for parking on Sunday evenings. See the map below for both free and paid parking options.