For Women


Do you know we've been praying for you for months now?  

We’ve been praying for you and the role you serve in our church and community. We’ve been praying about how our church can best serve you and how you can serve it. We’ve been praying about you using your gifts and how you will love Christ more in doing so. 

The more we prayed about it, the clearer it became.

At RCC we want our women to be marked by a love and devotion to God in Christ, scripture, prayer, one another, and good works. 

  • We want you to know God more through the study of His word.
  • We want you to know God more through prayer.
  • We want you to be equipped in word and prayer to join God in the renewal of all things. 
  • We want to equip you to equip others.

So today, we proudly announce “For Women” our means by which we hope to further teach, encourage, serve and equip the women of RCC. 

What Is "For Women"?

“For Women” is the gathering of women whether doubters, seekers or followers who are working together to devote themselves to Christ and to living the way of Jesus. 

For this beginning season it will include 2 types of gatherings:

  1. For Women: Prayer – We gather to pray together for one another, our families, church and community. Gatherings take place the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of each month.
  2. For Women: Word – We gather to pray and study scripture. 

In case you are wondering…What about IF:?

For this time RCC intends to back away from “IF:”.  We are grateful for “IF:” and we know the Lord has worked greatly though it and will continue to do so. In its place we will turn our focus to “For Women” where we will be praying and studying God’s word together. 

We know there are women right here in our church who are worthy of being heard.  We know because we’ve been listening to you talk about Jesus for months and some of you for years now. Not only have we heard you talk about your faith, we have watched as many of you have faithfully walked it out. We have prayed with and for you. We’ve sat in packed out living rooms with you studying God’s word. We’ve rejoiced with you and mourned with you. And sisters, we know Jesus more because of you. 

We don’t need to wait once a year to hear the word of God taught by famous women. We want to open our bibles together and hear His word taught right here with you and the women we're surrounded by. We want to hear of your love for our King as we walk this path together. We don’t want to be part of a bigger movement; we want to faithfully dive right into this one. 

So to that we say… What If? 

What if we as the women of RCC were dedicated to Word and Prayer? 

What if we equipped the women of our church to study and teach scripture together? 

What if we loved each other, our church, and Frederick because we loved our savior more deeply because we have spent time with Him in His word and prayer? 

Sisters, would you join us as we learn to Love our savior through word and prayer?

We love you all and look forward to this journey together. 

In Christ, Shelby Spillar, Brooke Miller, and Sarah Downs

Upcoming “For Women” Events

More details (as always) on the City.