New Sermon Series: Eth-nos

This coming Sunday we are going to start a short, three week series on a biblical theology of race. This is an essential foundation to the series on race, the gospel and the church in early 2017. 

Here is the big idea behind the series:

“After this, I looked and there before I was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language . . .” (Revelation 7:9). The visions in the book of Revelation give a glimpse of the people of God at the consummation of history―a multiethnic congregation gathered together in worship around God’s throne. Its racial diversity is expressed in a fourfold formula that first appears in Genesis 10. The theme of race runs throughout Scripture, continually pointing to the global and multiethnic dimensions inherent in the overarching plan of God. This provides a firm theological foundation for life in contemporary multiracial cultures and challenges churches to pursue racial unity in Christ.

Join us as we begin this short, but important journey together on Sunday.