Tools for Understanding... 
  Articles: Missional Community-MadeSimple, Verge; Missional Community Tools, T. Engstrom; New Urban Christians, T. Keller; Evangelism Papers, Lausanne
  Talks: Belonging to a Missional Church, T. Keller
  Books: The Master Plan of Evangelism, R. Coleman; Saturate, J. Vanderstelt; Simple Church, T. Rainer & E. Geiger; Gospel Disciple (free e-book) D. Putnam;
  On the Block, D. Logan; Center Church, T. Keller; Missional Church, D. Guder; Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J.I. Packer; Evangelism, Mack Stiles;
  The Soul Winner (free e- book), C.H. Spurgeon; Let the Nations Be Glad, J. Piper;
  Work as ministry...Articles: Business as Mission, Lausanne; Books: Every Good Endeavor, T. Keller
  The poor...Articles: The Gospel & the Poor, T. Keller; Books: T. Keller; Generous Justice, T. Keller; When Helping Hurts, S. Corbett & B. Fikkert
Tools to Use...
  - 3 Story Evangelism - Share MY StoryHear THEIR StoryTell GOD's Story; For more resources on telling the Gospel as Story
  - Bridge to Life, NAVs (written) or Bridge to Life (verbally given)
  - Redemptive-Relationships-worksheet
  - Share the Gospel Workbook, BACC
  - Encounters With JesusProdigal God, or Reason For God, T. Keller...Hand out & discuss with unbelieving friends
  - As a missional group, grasp it...dream it...launch it with Sow-Reap-CultivateMission Dream worksheetMission Launch steps
  - Group Studies for Seekers or Skeptics
  - Reasons with help for those grappling with science and faith questions
  - Training Workshop on Fishing for People (Video), S. Addison's Following & Fishing Resources
  - Learn your planting context...Exegete Your Planting Area Tool, sample-downtown Annapolis; U.S. Census Bureau 
  and Ethnographic Study of Planting Location, Percept Group