Three Primary Ways to Get Connected at rcc

  1. Join a Community Group. Community groups exist as spaces where participants can connect relationally and grow spiritually. 

  2. Volunteer. Our teams exist to help others meet Jesus, but this is also a great place to form closer connections through the shared experience of serving.  

  3. The City. The City is our church's social media network and platform for church communication on every level. Here, you will find everything from church-wide information to your community group prayer list, outreach opportunities and event schedules. If you are not yet signed up on The City at Redemption City Church, please find a connect team member at the connect table!

Not signed up on The City yet?

Habits Needed to Get Connected

  • SHOW UP. Quality time is important to make our relationships meaningful, but with our pace of life quality time is becoming a thing of the past. And, it is just as necessary to experience the type of friendship Jesus has in mind. That’s why we want everyone to just show up – when you make participating in relationships regularly a priority we create an environment for relationships to develop and thrive.
  • JOIN IN. Our church gatherings (Worship, Community Groups, etc( are not intended to be a product to consume. Rather, opportunities to both contribute to and grow from these relationships. You need fellow people, but they also needs you. Whether you’re new to faith or have been part of a faith community for years, we do our best to create safe spaces for everyone to join in and contribute to inspiring conversation about faith which results in a meaningful relational experience.
  • BE REAL. In a world of highlight-reel Facebook posts and Tweets of 144 characters or less, it’s easy to skim across the surface of our lives. In many of our relationships, being our true selves is a challenge. This type of relationship initially takes a risk; it’s often a challenge to know who we can trust. But we are convinced that the payoff is worth it. There’s nothing like finding a place where we are loved and accepted for who we are. And that’s what groups are all about!