"RCC is the old faith for a new generation, where gospel-centered liturgies combat the self-centered liturgies presented to us every day by the world, where Biblical truth is proclaimed not to condemn people but to transform them, and where practical teaching connects daily life to Jesus Christ and what it means to be His people in Frederick. We aren't just being informed about Christ's renewal of all things, but we're continually being invited into it, being reminded of the beauty of it, and being impacted by it personally. Whether you're a seeker, doubter or follower, this is a safe place for people to belong before they believe and a vibrant place to join in the mission of Christ's church once they do."

- Jared and Angie Custer (Covenant Partners)

"When I think of how gracious and loving God has been in dropping me in this community of believers, I cannot help but smile. God has given me a home in Frederick- a place where I have been blessed with genuine, gospel centered relationships and a place where I am constantly being challenged and grown by the Holy Spirit. This is a church where God is glorified. It is so evident that the people of Redemption City love Christ, and thus love and serve both the city of Frederick and each other wholeheartedly. Beyond thankful for this house!" 

- Oma Anidi

"In the short time our family has been attending RCC we have witnessed a tight nit church family that is passionate about mobilizing the body of Christ throughout the city of Frederick, eager to push back the darkness and spread the good news of the gospel. We were impressed by everyone's genuine interest in getting to know our family. We love seeing the bonds that the families of RCC have with one another. We look forward to continuing to grow with RCC and cannot wait to see what our Mighty God has in store!"

- Frank and Jenay Bass

A Letter From Bliss

When we moved to Frederick, Maryland a little over two years ago to help God plant RCC, I never would have expected God to do what He has done through His church here in Downtown Frederick. In the months leading up to moving, we wondered if the growing vision to push back the darkness as we join with God in the renewal of all things was just a pipe dream or the Spirit at work. As we look back over 2016 and 2015, it becomes clearer and clearer that the Spirit of Christ has been at work in ways that we could not have fathomed all those months ago. 

For many of you who are reading this, you have prayed for our church, and you have given generously, sacrificially and faithfully to the work here in Frederick, and for that, we say thank you.  Your investment has borne fruit to your credit and your faithful prayers have are being answered time and time again. You have been a part pushing back the darkness and joining with God in the renewal of Frederick. 

In the rest of this letter, covenant partners and regular attenders of our church will highlight the impact our ministry is having on our community, and invite you to help us do even more to multiply the impact we’ve had in the lives of our neighborhoods. We will share highlights from 2016 and our hopes and prayers for 2017. 

I pray that God moves you to participate in what he’s doing in renewing Frederick.

Joining with God in the renewal of Frederick on your behalf,

Bliss Spillar, Lead Pastor




  • Launched a new vision and mission for Redemption City Church. 

  • Celebrated 8 baptisms. 

  • Installed 20 new Covenant Partners

  • Planted 3 new Community Groups on mission throughout Frederick County.

  • Connected almost one hundred people to authentic community through our community groups. 

  • Reach over 40 kids weekly through our Kids City ministry during Sunday Gatherings. 

  • Developed the two year RCC Bible Reading Plan

  • Donated 45 back packs full of school supplies to North Frederick Elementary.  

  • Provided Christmas Gifts for families at North Frederick Elementary. 

  • Began gathering for worship in the historic Grace United Church of Christ building in historic Downtown Frederick.

  • Launched 6 new teaching series: Luke: Encountering the Real Christ; Summer in the Psalms; The Gospel of Grace; Revive Us: Psalm 85; Ethnos: A Biblical Theology of Race; Advent: Hope, Grace, Joy, Peace.  

  • Raised up two qualified men from our Covenant Partners to begin the Eldership Process

  • Launched two prayer gatherings that meet twice a month. 

  • Began and finished a leadership cohort training leaders on emotional health, marriage and family, spiritual health and self care. 


"We moved from New Mexico to Frederick in June; our old church was a wonderful, supportive and tight-knit community, so for weeks we were homesick and longing for a new church family. Our first Sunday at RCC was such a blessing! We knew immediately that this was the church God had provided for us to grow, serve, and belong. We love how the gospel is at the center of everything here, and how there is a sense of being on a mission together to reach out to our town. God is doing great things in Frederick through Redemption City Church!"

- Jonathan and Anna Newman

our Hopes and prayers for 2017

  • Plant 10 Community Groups on mission in Frederick County.

  • Hire a new staff position, Director of Spiritual Formation. 

  • Ordain and install our first set of local elders.

  • Raise up three new qualified men to begin the elder process. 

  • Develop and commission the Titus 2 team (team of qualified women to assist the elders in shepherding the women of RCC). 

  • Host a workshop for RCC and DC area women to be trained on studying and teaching scripture. 

  • Launch the first RCC Preaching Cohort to raise up qualified men to preach God's Word. 

  • Commission and Install 50 new Covenant Partners. 

  • Develop a formal support and outreach relationship with the local government housing community in Downtown Frederick. 

  • Launch Elder-Led Prayer nights every other month. 

  • Raise up 40 new volunteers. 

  • Launch RCC Middle School and High School groups. 

  • Launch new teaching series: Devoted: Walking in the Ways of Jesus; Burning Hearts: Encounters with the Resurrected Christ; The Gospel for All of Life: Racial Reconciliation; Christmas Playlist: Psalms for our Savior. 

  • Launch Spiritual Formation Groups (clusters of 3 to 4 people pursuing focused spiritual formation through the disciplines).

Consider Partnering with us for 2017

In looking back on all that God has done in 2016 and what He has in store fro 2017; our hearts swell with gratitude for all the grace we are being shown, and we look forward with hope for all that He will do. 

As we do look forward to 2017, we recognize that for us to faithfully pursue the path being laid out in front of us, we are in need of two things:

  1. Continued Prayer
  2. Continued Financial Support

If you are reading this, you have been one of our faithful partners in one or both of these, and for that, we say thank you. But more than that, we desire that you recognize this is all fruit to your credit (Phil. 4). 

That being said, will you consider continuing to partner with us in both of these ways as we join with God in the renewal of all things? Your prayers and your financial support will allow for us to faithfully pursue God's call on His church as we enter into year three. 

“To find a body of believers who love Jesus and love each other wholeheartedly is no small thing. Through RCC, God has provided us a church home and family in which to be known and loved without fear. Praise God!”

-Aaron West (Covenant Partner)

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