Our Church family is going to spend 40 days during the Easter Season together intentionally following a shared rhythm of spiritual practices with the hopes of increasingly resembling Jesus and we are thrilled that you are considering joining with us in that process.

Dates: April 28 - june 6

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Although there are many ways to commune with God on a daily basis and live out the life of obedience that flows from that communion, we believe there is great benefit in committing for a short season to learning new ways to seek God as individuals and a community. Many of us long to seek and know God more than we do. These 40 days of spiritual practices done in the community of RCC will create wonderful opportunities for you to connect with God in ways you may have done before, and in ways that may open new horizons of possibility for you. 

The objective is not simply to check off the spiritual accomplishment everyday, but to practice loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. If you walk through this process with us, you will be intentionally turning yourself towards God and we will grow much stronger as a community. 

We strongly encourage you to pursue God in these 40 days in close step with other people. If you aren’t connected to a discipleship group in this season, find 2 or 3 people who will commit to meet regularly and honestly discuss how you are meeting God in these practices. Pray for and with each other, share the joys, the challenges, the powerful moments, and the failures. Seeking to increasingly resemble Jesus is something we do together. 


To Increasingly Resemble Jesus

Jesus is the head of the church, we are his body. As people seeking to increasingly resemble Jesus in every area of our lives, we get our values and aims from the life of Jesus. Thus, we are aiming to live out rhythms that seeks the PRESENCE of God as Jesus did, to be a people and church full of EMPOWERMENT, that is seeking RENEWAL, that has prioritized its PURSUIT of the Kingdom of God above all. We are willing to SACRIFICE to obey God and walk with Him, but also know we must walk each day in His GRACE, making us FAMILY. These are values we see in the life of Jesus and they give shape to our life members of the body of Christ. 

For these forty days, have taken each of these seven values and assigned them to a day of the week. This allows us to be on a shared weekly rhythm of practicing these values together as a church family.