What ARe Discipleship Groups?

Discipleship Groups are small, simple groups of 2-3 men or women who meet regularly to help one another fight sin and grow in grace. They are biblical and missional following the pattern of Text-Life-Mission (see below). They are for people that may not call themselves disciples of Jesus and disciples who are making disciples. Our hope is to have more people worship Jesus, more people know him deeper, and more people living as missionaries in Frederick or wherever God has called them.

How to Start a Discipleship Group

  1. CHOOSE PARTNERS (PHIL 1:5) Discipleship Groups are relationally driven, so pick people you can trust.We recommend people in your Community Group because you are a family of disciples on mission. Establish an agreed upon level of confidentiality within your group. Make a commitment to one another. Don’t wait around to get started; you’re missing God’s grace! If you need some help getting connected to a Discipleship Group please ask your Community Group Leader.
  2. DEVOTE YOURSELF to God in Christ, Scripture, Prayer, One-Another, and Good works. Take some time together, after reading the descriptions of each in the Discipleship Group Guide below to prayerfully consider how you might do this as a group. 



In the Discipleship Group Guide, you will find

  • In depth descriptions of the purpose and function of a Discipleship Groups. 
  • An explanation of the Text-Life-Mission format for Discipleship Groups. 
  • Questions to go deeper.