Redemption City's Logo

Redemption City’s primary brand mark/logo is a combination of 1st century church symbolism and contextual references to the city of Frederick.  The “P” and “X” are the Greek letters “Chi” and “Rho”, a shorthand abbreviation for “Christ”.  The Chi Rho in particular is one of the earliest known Christograms and can be seen everywhere and anywhere in the world from ancient catacombs to Unicode.

Present along with the Chi Rho are a variation of the Greek letters “Alpha” and “Omega”, which among many things, signifies Jesus’ reign, influence, and power from the beginning/first to the end/last of everything.

The Chi Rho is joined at the bottom by the lower part of a historic anchor.  This not only further signifies our stability in Christ but primarily serves to pay homage to the history and influence water has had in the city of Frederick and surrounding regions.

Finally, the entire mark was first drawn by hand and is intended to look as organic and imperfect as it does.  Drawing again from history of the early church for its meaning because Christians have been persecuted throughout all of history, and many times have to meet in secret.  Rather than risk speaking aloud and to move quickly, someone could show their allegiance by drawing something on the ground where it could afterward be erased.  In scenarios like this, it’s not the overall appearance of what’s drawn that matters but rather its meaning.

An overwhelming abundance of visual stimuli exists in our world today, and while there is certainly something of value to be understood and applied concerning how things look, appearance isn’t ultimately what matters.  At the heart of our church’s imagery is literally Christ–and in appearance as well as meaning, that’s what matters.